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The real secret to EFT and weight loss is managing stress and learning to like yourself. That creates a formula where you feed yourself well and in amounts that feel good. You also move your body in ways that feel good. New options and possibilities come to the front of your awareness, and if you go for it, you find you change your health for the better.

Managing stress is key because the stress loop increases the appetite! Liking yourself in a non-narcissitic way helps you change your brain – literally change your brain and then the dopamine receptors and the pleasure centers return to working normally (they tend to be suppressed when obese).

My favorite is to combine tapping and hypnosis. This is where you tap on a key point (craving, diet, a pain from childhood, a belief that you want to change, etc.) then follow with meditating on the change you want to make and feeling like it is already achieved. This is a self-hypnosis technique that helps change your brains responses. It takes repetition for the change to hold, but then the changes are there and are yours!

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