Catalyst Counseling LLC

Catalyst Counseling LLC

I set up this LLC in 2005 when I went into private practice. I have begun using my tax id actively as of 2013, when I left the comfort of a group practice and went solo. I am the sole member of my Limited Liability Company. The company is intended as an umbrella for all my creative endeavors. This is my original mission statement:

“Catalyst Counseling is the umbrella organization for the creative and therapeutic talents of Norma Jo Vaillette, LMHC MT-BC. The mission is to endeavor to pursue a blending of alternative and traditional forms of healing and contribution to the world through providing therapy services to individuals, groups, and families as well as providing product and following the intuitive path of ancillary interests and creations which are included through the arts, music and written word.”


Norma J. Vaillette MA LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
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Address: 215 E. Oak St. Lakeland, FL
Phone: 863-284-0817
Fax: 863-284-0608

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