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Emotional Freedom Technique is an energy psychology technique which uses tapping on acupressure points to release negative feelings and thoughts. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) was developed by psychologist Roger Callahan. His student Gary Craig set up a standard tapping format.

The tapping points are:

KC Karate Chop, the outside of the palm, below the little finger – on the soft part

EB Eye Brow – where the eye brow starts

SE Side of Eye – follow the bone around to the side of the eye

UE Under Eye – on the bone under the eye

UN Under the Nose

CH Chin – right where the chin dips in

CB Collar Bone. This point is not on the bone, but about an inch and a half under the place where the collar bones meet. It is on either side of the breastbone and should feel hollow under the fingers

UA Under Arm – the is a part under the arm that is aligned with the midline of the chest. It is approximately 4 inches under the arm, not in the armpit and not too far down the ribs

TH Top of Head – There are acupressure points on either side of a middle part. Tap with two hands or tap in a circle motion with one had to reach these points.

The process:

Focus on an emotion and rate the intensity from 0 (no issue) to 10 (maximum distress)

The Set-up Statement: Tap on the KC with a set-up statement 3 times. The set up statement uses this emotion. The first part is Even though I feel _____ (the emotion)

The second part is how you want to feel. The default on is: I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Example: Even though I feel sad, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

If it doesn’t yet feel true to say I deeply and completely love and accept myself, use and alternative such as I choose to treat myself with compassion and respect or I choose to feel calm.

Example: Even though I feel sad, I choose to treat myself with compassion and respect. or Even though I feel sad, I choose to feel calm.

Venting: Vent the emotions on each tapping point. Keep with the same emotion such as “this sadness.” It is okay to do “stream of consciousness” which is my favorite – use one sentence or phrase per tapping point and tap out all the thoughts and feelings related to the chosen target emotions. If a new emotion comes up, start over with a new set-up statement for that emotion.

Breathe (taking in a breath after each round brings in fresh oxygen and helps with processing)

Check-in. If something else comes to mind while tapping, follow it. It may seem unrelated but it’s not. Start over figuring out the core emotion and begin with a new set-up statement.

Transition: This is my term for taking the time to shift between the release of the negative feelings and installing the positive feelings. My 3 favorite ways to transition are The Forgiveness Touch (my nickname for Susan Jeffrey Busen’s forgiveness transistion, See Tap Into Joy, a tapping book for children), Release and Allow, and the 9 Gamut.

Forgiveness Touch Example: (Put Hand on Heart) I forgive myself for feeling so sad, I’m doing the best I can. I forgive those actions that made me sad, they didn’t know better.

Forgiveness touch allows for a softening of the hold that a concept has had on the psyche and allows a person to give more permission to extend compassion to themselves as well as others.

Release and Allow Examples: On the tapping points, alternate (one statement per tapping point) I release all of this sadness, I choose to treat myself with respect.

Release and Allow helps with the full release of the negative feelings and begins the process of transitioning into the installation of the positive feelings.

9 Gamut Example – Find the space between the knuckles of the ring and little finger of either had. Under that space is a gamut bundle of nerves. Tap gentle there while you do 9 simple things (yes, it feels like rubbing the tummy and patting the head but just until you get used to it) Keep your head in one place (do not move your chin!) in order to trigger the brain with the eye movement. The 9 simple things are:

1. Close eyes and open.

2. Look down and hard to the Left, then 3. Right

4. Circle eyes around Left, thenĀ  5. Right

6. Hum 7. CountĀ  8. Hum 9. Count

This process clears the brain – like creating a new slate. The eye movement and hum/count shift the function from one hemisphere from the others allowing the change of focus that brings calm.

Installing the Positives: On each tapping point, Tap in how you want to feel. This can be the same phrase over and over, or variations of the positive half of the set-up statement.

Rate the intensity of the current emotion from 0 (no issue) to 10 (maximum distress)

I have found that one phrase or statement per tapping point helps people move through the issue. Staying on one point and talking can be comforting, but there is more release and movement of the emotion if there is one phrase or statement per tapping point.

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